Travel Tips for U.K. Residents With Asthma

Every year, thousands of U.K. residents with asthma travel the globe. The disease affects everyone differently, so wise citizens prepare well before departing. Whether a traveler is a Wandering Trader, student, or retiree who is finally getting to see the Louvre, it is important to consider weather conditions at each destination point. Voyagers should understand how altitude and air travel impact their health. It is also a good idea to plan activities that will not aggravate asthma.

Research Destination Pollen Levels

Pollen is a common contributor to asthma symptoms, and most U.K. residents plan their lives around local pollen seasons and the weather. However, seasons vary widely in different areas of the world. Each location may also have their own versions of irritants like ragweed and pollen. Wise travelers avoid visiting countries when plants that are immune triggers are in full bloom.

Ensure Altitude Is Not a Problem

Asthma sufferers who are planning trips to high-altitude locales should make sure doing so will not cause health problems. Most asthma patients whose diseases are well-managed have few problems with areas over 2,500 metres above sea level and do well as long as they climb slowly. However, it is still a good idea to speak to a doctor before traveling to high-altitude locations. There are different types of asthma, and each one can have its own triggers. For instance, cold sets off symptoms in many people, and higher altitudes are often chilly.

Consider the Effects of Activity

Physical activities sometimes trigger asthma symptoms, but healthy patients who are managing their disease can usually be as active as they want. However, if residents are planning unusual physical activities or trying extreme sports, it is wise to consult medical professionals before leaving. In many cases, patients are fine as long as they take their medications. If doctors caution against rigorous exercise, journeyers can alter plans to stay safe.

It is generally safe for U.K. asthma sufferers to travel anywhere in the world as long as they take a few precautions. It is essential they understand the pollen seasons at each destination and make sure they are healthy enough to visit high-altitude locations. Travelers may also want to check with doctors to ensure all planned activities are safe for them.